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What we do?

Zsuzsanna Simon and her team of coaches are all about children’s health. Our goal is to show children how to be healthy and fit in a fun, enjoyable and habit forming manner.  We enjoy seeing children have active fun and love to see their delight in being part of a group who all participate regardless of age or ability and without excessive competition. We work out and we are rewarded with the feel good factor at the end of a fun session. 

We want all kids to enjoy some form of movement activity. We think there is something for everyone to enjoy without any particular stress or expectations and there is no better post active boost than a delicious homemade tasty smoothie or juice bursting with goodness that you have actually made yourself. In this age of convenience, we have seen that many children go for weeks eating pre-packaged convenience food with very little or no beneficial nutritional value at all. We would like to make parents and carers aware of the hidden dangers in what we eat and just how often children are consuming sugar, salt and chemical filled foods that affect their bodies in many adverse ways. That’s why we also update parents with the latest topic their children are discovering as we all need regular gentle reminders of what we should eat and why.

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