After School Clubs

FitNut club: FitNut stands for Fitness & Nutrition for kids. FitkidZ are proud to work with the after school club programme at several schools, including the Amsterdam International Community School. We also run regular workshops for the children as part of their school day.

Follow the FitNut Superstars’ workouts and rainbow recipes in the AICS after school clubs. Children are coached through fitness sessions using real mini gym machines and exercise equipment followed by healthy smoothie or juice making. Nutritional information is discussed with the children and shared with parents in weekly updates – inspiring the whole family to good health.

FitkidZ have a fantastic range of fitness equipment for age 4-7 and 7+. We are passionate about kids’ health and our FitNut program provides a stimulating learning experience to teach children about the importance of health, nutrition and fitness.

THE FIT: Using our FitNut Superstars’ fitness and nutritious circuit cards, workout drills and yoga sequences we work to improve kids’ muscular strength and endurance, tone, balance, agility, co-ordination and flexibility.

THE NUT: Inspired by our FitNut Superstar’s seasonal rainbow recipes, children enjoy learning how to fuel their body the healthy way by making and enjoying fresh smoothies and juices while learning the benefits to their bodies.

…and THE MIND: we go on weekly mini adventures using the body and mind to learn and connect to ourselves and the world around us.

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